Chee Su Yin


Senior Lecturer

B.Sc. (Aquatic Resource Science & Management), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

M.Sc. (Molecular Biology), Universiti Sains Malaysia

Ph.D. (Mangrove Ecology), Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Coastal Conservation

Research Profile

I am marine ecologist with a passion for conservation and preservation of marine life and ecosystems. My priority is to raise awareness about eco-engineering but in an ethical way, that it is not utilised to gain consent on harmful development. My research encompasses transdiciplinary areas of ecology, engineering, graphic design, and social sciences, to find a balance between necessary development and natural habitat conservation. My team and I are focused on developing novel ecological engineering techniques for habitat enhancement and conservation of biodiversityin the built environment. I also work on marine debris accumulation in mangroves and its effect on the ecosystem's functions and services.

Current Research

  1. Developing lightweight eco-concrete with reduce carbon footprint for application on coastal infrastructure habitat enhancements.
  2. Marine debris accumulation in mangroves in Penang and neighbouring islands and effects on ecosystems functions and services.
  3. Autonomous catamaran for marine observation and coastal surveillance. 


Selected Publications

Journal Publications 

  • Strain, E.M., Chee, S.Y. et al. (2020). A global analysis of complexity–biodiversity relationships on marine artificial structures. Global Ecology and Biogeography
  • Chee, S.Y., Wee, J.L.S., Wong, C., Yee, J.C., Yusup, Y. and Mujahid, A. (2020). Drill-Cored Artificial Rock Pools Can Promote Biodiversity and Enhance Community Structure on Coastal Rock Revetments at Reclaimed Coastlines of Penang, Malaysia. Tropical Conservation Science, 13, p.1940082920951912.
  • Chee, S.Y., Yee, J.C., Carey, D., Yusup, Y. and Gallagher, J.B. (2020). Anthropogenic marine debris and its dynamics across peri-urban and urban mangroves on Penang Island, Malaysia. Journal of Sustainability Science and Management, 15(6): 36-60.
  • Firth, L.B., Airoldi, L., Bulleri, F., Challinor, S., Chee, S.Y., Evans, A.J., Hanley, M.E., Knights, A.M., O'Shaughnessy, K., Thompson, R.C. and Hawkins, S.J. (2020). Greening of grey infrastructure should not be used as a Trojan horse to facilitate coastal development. Journal of Applied Ecology.
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  • Chee S.Y., Abdul G.O., Sim Y.K., Amni N.M.A. and Firth, L.B. (2017) Land reclamation and artificial islands: walking the tightrope between development and conservation. Global Ecology and Conservation, 12, pp.80-95
  • Bishop M.J., Mayer-Pinto M., Airoldi L., Firth L.B., Morris R.L., Loke L.H.L., Hawkins S.J., Naylor L.A., Coleman R.A., Chee S.Y. and Dafforn K.A. (2017). Effects of ocean sprawl on ecological connectivity: Impacts and solutions. Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology, 492, 7-30.
  • Chee S.Y. & Sim Y.K. (2016) Effects of land reclamation on species diversity, evenness and richness of macroinvertebrates along the coasts of Penang. Tropical Life Sciences Research, 27(supp1): 39–44.
  • Chee S.Y. & Siti Azizah M.N. (2014). DNA barcoding reveals neritid diversity (Mollusca: Gastropoda) in Malaysian waters. MtDNA. DOI: 0.3109/19401736.2014.987237
  • Fukumori H., Chee S.Y. & Kano Y. (2013). Drilling predation on neritid egg capsules by the muricid snail Reisha clavigera. Journal of Molluscan Studies, 79(2): 139-146.
  • Chee S.Y., Siti Azizah M.N. & Devakie M.N. (2008). Phylogenetic study and barcoding of the blood cockle, Tegillarca granosa, found in the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia based on the COI gene. Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research, 10(2): 1237-1244.
  • Chee S.Y., Siti Azizah M.N. & Devakie M.N. (2008). Utilization of molecular markers for the conservation of blood cockles, Anadara granosa. Journal of Genetics and Molecular Research, 10(2):1245-1261.


  • Firth, L.B. and Chee, S.Y. (2017) Eco-engineering of artificial coastal structures to enhance biodiversity: An illustrated guide. Penerbit USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia). ISBN: 978-967-394-298-5

Magazine Articles

Mass Media


  • Chee, S.Y., Yee, J.C., Evans, A.J., Morris, R.L., Strain, E.M.A, Coleman, R., Cheah, C.B. and Firth, L.B. Greening of grey: Creating space for nature on artificial coastlines in Penang. Rufford Small Grants Conference 2020. 10 - 13 February 2020. School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia.
  • Evans, A.J. Louise B. Firth, Stephen J. Hawkins, Chee, S.Y., Loh, J.R., Ironside, J.E., Hall, A.E., Thompson, R.C., Herbert, R.J.H., & Moore, P.J. From ocean sprawl to blue-green infrastructure - how much evidence is enough? 06/01/2019 - 11/01/2019, 12th International Temperate Reefs Symposium, The Swire Institute of Marine Science, The University of Hong Kong
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  • Yee, J.C., Firth, L.B., Cheah, C.B., Tan, A.S.H. and Chee, S.Y. It is in the details: Simple structural complexity modification could restore ecological function on seawall. 11/12/2018 - 12/12/2018, 11 IMT-GT UNINET Conference 2018: Bioscience for a Sustainable Future, Hotel Jen, Georgetown, Penang
  • Loh, J.R., Firth, L.B., Evans, A.J. and Chee, S.Y. Effects of eco-engineering drill-cored rock pools on rock revetment biodiversity on Penang Island. 24/06/2018 - 29/06/2018, 5th International Marine Conservation Congress, Kuching, Sarawak
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Policy Brief

  • Nordhaus, I., de Zoysa, R. S., Gillis, L.G., Chee, S.Y., Chong, L., Firth, L.B., Han, A., Sim, Y.K., Stiepani, J., Sturgeon, A., Suppiah, R., Foong, S.Y. The future of mangroves in Penang: Bridging science, policy and perspectives. 2019. DOI: 10.21244/zmt.2019.001



  • Gold Medal: Eco-crete, Malaysia Technology Expo 2020
  • "Haller Pro Inventio Foundation Poland” (Special Award): Eco-crete, Malaysia Technology Expo 2020
  • Joint NAM S&T Centre - ZMT Bremen Fellowship in Tropical Coastal Marine Ecology and Biogeochemistry, 2015
  • Joint NAM S&T Centre - ZMT Bremen Fellowship in Tropical Coastal Marine Ecology and Biogeochemistry, 2014
  • Academic Staff Training Scheme Scholarship 2010-2013; Universiti Sains Malaysia
  • Malaysia's Ministry of Higher Education Award for postgraduate Studies 2020-2013
  • Dean's List Award 2004-2006; Universiti Malaysia Sarawak


Invitational Talks

  • Chee, S.Y. Eco-engineering: Design with Nature. Landscape Architecture International Dialogue 2019: Landscape Architecture/Green Infrastructure. 22 - 23 October 2019. GMBB, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Chee S.Y. Biodiversity and sustainable development in the Anthropocene. 2020 Youth Industry E-bootcamp. 3-11 June 2020. Online platform


Professional Membership

  • Member of Malaysian Scientific Association
  • Affiliate Member of Young Scientist Network-Academy of Sciences Malaysia