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Abe Woo Sau Pinn




B. App. Sc (Hons)(Aquatic Biology), Universiti Sains Malaysia

M.Sc (Marine Science), Universiti Sains Malaysia

Ph.D (Natural History Sciences) Hokkaido University, Japan

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Echinoderm Systematics

Marine Invertebrate Systematics and Biodiversity


Research Profile

The main research interest of the laboratory generally systematics, taxonomy, phylogenetics, and biodoversity of marine invertebrates with special interest of echinoderms (sea cucumbers, sea stars, brittlke stars and sea urchin). Currently we are reviewing the taxonomic status of commerciallly important sea cucumber from the family Stichopodidae and also revising position of the order Synallactida. Apart from the commercially important sea cucmbers, we are exploring the interstitial fauna for small sea cucumbers that measures about 1-5mm in lenght.

Apart from Echinoderm, we also now have Dr. Yuji Ise as teaching fellow in the loboratory that study the systematics of Porifera (Sponges). He is now describing peculiar sponges that lives in the anchaline caves of Okinawa Islands.

We are working very closely with Prof. Dr. Toshihiko Fujita (Echinoderm Taxonomy) and colleagues from the National of Nature and Science Japan; Dr. Naoto Jimi (Polychaete Taxonomy) from National Institute of Polar Research, Japan; Dr. Thamasak Yeemin and Dr Makamas Suttacheep (Coral Reef Ecology) from Ramkamhaeng University; Dr. Mathinee Yucharoen (Coral Reef Ecology) from Prince Songkhla University, and many more friends around the region in discovery diversity of various marine invertebrates.

Recently, the laboratory also have started aquaculture studies for Holothuria scabra in CEMACS focusing in spawning, captive breeding, and their nutrition.

Selected Publications


  • Aileen Tan S.H., Abe Woo, Fukami, H., Hibino, K. and Pollisco, F.J. (2011). Training Manualof Corals Taxonomy in Southeast Asia. ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity. 122pp.


Peer Reviewed Journals

  • Woo, S.P., Ogawa, A., Tan, S.H., Zulfigar, Y., Kajihara, H. and Fujita, T. (2017). A Taxonomic Revision of the Genus Apostichopus (Holothuroidea: Stichopodidae) from Japan. Zootaxa 4350(1):121-135.
  • Woo, S.P., Kajihara, H., Iwasaki, N. and Fujita, T. (2017) First Record of Holothuria (Cystipus) dura (Echinodermata: Holothuroidea) from Japan, with Notes on Locomotion. Species Diversity 22: 45-52.
  • Woo, S.P., Zulfigar, Y., Tan, S.H., Kajihara, H. and Fujita, T. (2015). Sea Cucumbers of the Genus Stichopus Brandt, 1835 (Holothuroidea, Stichopodidae) in Straits of Malacca with Description of a New Species. Zookeys 545:1-26.
  • Woo, S.P., Teh, C.P., Norhanis, M.R., Nithiyaa, N., Amelia-Ng, P.F., Zulfigar, Y. and Tan, S.H. (2014). Sea cucumber species of the Merambong Shoal with notes on Distribution and Habitat of the Dominant Species. Malayan Nature Journal (1 and 2): 139-145.
  • Woo, S.P., Amelia Ng, P.F., Norhanis, M.R., Nithiyaa, N., Teh, C.P., Zulfigar, Y., Tan, S.H. and Fujita, T. (2014). New Records of Sea Stars (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) from Malaysia with Notes on Their Association with Seagrass Beds. Biodiversity Journal 5(4): 453-458.
  • Woo, S.P., Siti Hasmah, I., Zulfigar Y. and Tan, S.H. (2013). The Distribution and Diversity of Sea Cucumbers in the Coral Reefs of the South China Sea, Sulu Sea and Sulawesi Sea. Deep Sea Research Part II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 96: 13-18
  • Woo, S.P., Zulfigar, Y., Norhanis, M.R., Teh, C.P. & Tan, S.H. (2010). The Diversity of Sea Cucumbers (Echinodermata: Holohuroidea) in Five Reefs of the South China Sea. Malayan Nature Journal 62(4): 371-377.
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