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Sim Yee Kwang


Senior Science Officer

B.Sc. Edu. (Hons) (Chemistry; Biology), Universiti Sains Malaysia

M.Sc. (Marine Biology), Universiti Sains Malaysia

+604-885 2750 Ext.115; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Marine Ecology

Research Profile
Marine & coastal ecology; Mariculture (Invertebrates reproduction studies & production) & Environmental studies (Environmental impact assessment).
Current Research
  1. The Population Study of Keyhole Sand Dollar Echinodiscus Truncates (Echinoidea: Astriclypeidae) in the Intertidal Zone of Penang National Park, Malaysia.
  2. Community-Based Seagrass Meadows Conservation in Penang South Channel.
  3. The Monthly Distribution & Abundance of Jellyfish (Medusae) Species in the Coastal Waters of Penang National Park, Penang, Malaysia.
Selected Publications
  • Sim, Y.K., Omar, A. & Khairun, Y. (2013). Seashore Organisms in Penang National Park. Penerbit USM, Penang, Malaysia. ISBN 978-9-83861-606-5. 83 pp.
  • Sim, Y.K. & Kee Alfian, B.A.A. (2011). Sea Cucumbers & Sea Stars on the Reefs & Islands of Malaysia. In: Kamarrudin, I., Mohamed, C.A.R., Rozaimi, M.J., Kee Alfian, B.A.A., Fitra, A.Z., Lee, J.N. (Eds.). Malaysia’s Marine Biodiversity: Inventory & Current Status. Department of Marine Park Malaysia, Putrajaya. Pp. 165-187.
  • Sim, Y.K., Aileen, Tan S.H., Zulfigar, Y., Wong, W.S., Jantzen, C., Ng, B.W. & Leonard, L. (2008). The diversity & distribution of Holothuroidea in Pulau Aur, Johor. In: Che Abd. Rahim, M., Fathul Karim Sahrani, Masni Mohd. Ali, Zaidi Che Cob & Norhayati Ahmad (Eds.). Research & information series of Malaysian Coast 2. Marine Ecosystem Research Centre (EKOMAR), Faculty of Science & Techonology, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. Pp. 13-22.
  • Sim, Y.K., Aileen, Tan, S.H. & Zulfigar, Y. (2009). The Diversity & Abundance of the Sea Stars (Echinodermata: Asteroidea) from Coral Reefs of the Central South China Sea. Selected Papers of the NaGISA WestPac Congress 2008. Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Field Science Education & Research Center, Kyoto University. Pp. 25-36.
  • Zulfigar, Y., Sim, Y.K., Aileen, Tan S.H. & Yoshihisa, S. (2008). Field guide to the Echinoderms (Sea cucumbers & Sea stars) of Malaysia. Kyoto University Press, Kyoto, Japan. ISBN 978-4-87698-746-7. 103 pp.
  • Zulfigar, Y., Sim, Y.K. & Aileen, Tan S.H. (2007). The distribution of sea cucumbers in Pulau Aur, Johore, Malaysia. Selected Papers Of The NaGISA World Congress 2006. Published by the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, Field Science Research & Education Center, Kyoto University, Japan. Pp. 73-86.
  • McMinn, A., S. Salleh, A. Wan Ab. Liah, M. Mohammad, F. Md. Sidik Merican, W.M. Wan Omah, S. Farizan, W. Cheah, I. Izwandy, Sim, Y.K., W.S. Wong, Aileen, Tan S.H. and Z. Yasin. (2005). Quantum yield of the marine benthic microflora of near-shore coastal Penang, Malaysia. Marine & Freshwater Research 56: 1047-1053.
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